‘Cold, huh?’, ‘Geez, isn’t it hot?’, ‘ Raining again…?’ These are a few ways to start a conversation, and it’s a safe way too. Nobody controls the weather, so you can say almost anything about it without being offensive or getting yourself killed. Obviously it’s one of the biggest FAQ’s (frequently Asked Questions) to Oasis Resort and Sumisid Lodge too.

There seems to be a general misunderstanding about us knowing what weather will be like for the next three months. We don’t know! We monitor the weather forecast almost daily. We know when to expect a typhoon (about one day before it hits) and we wonder why it rains all the month of May, because that is not ‘normal’

Generally speaking the Philippines have moderate tropical sea climate. Here in the Visayas (600 kilometers south from Manila) there is no real ‘rainy season’ and there is no ‘dry’ season. It is difficult to say which are the ‘best’ months these will visit us, as people like it humid and hot while other prefer a bit of wind and a rain shower now and then. OK, so there’s a better chance of typhoons in October, but in ’96 we had a few in April, so who knows what’s the next?

Bad weather that spells usually doesn’t last long. The whole year around the weather is quite enjoyable and if you are out of luck you can always try again next year! And even though we can look at satellite pictures now, we still don’t know what is going to happen the next day!